Greek Gods Myths

The Myths of the Greek Gods:
      Greek Mythology and Archetypes

The myths of the Greek gods entertain and instruct us. The stories of the ancient deities illuminate the patterns of the lives of contemporary men just as they did many centuries ago.

Men, Myths, Minds is a web site that combines the intriguing fields of Greek mythology and archetypal psychology, bringing you the fascinating stories of the Greek gods, interesting articles about archetypes and  personality types, and an introduction to the online personality test that identifies the Greek god who influences your motivations, behaviors, and relationships.

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The Greek gods function as archetypes in your personality. As templates that already exist in your personality, the archetypes of the Greek gods influence how you behave, how you feel and think, as well as how you relate to friends, lovers, family, and others.

Archetypes are inner images that embody a wealth of  universal characteristics and experiences, universal to every culture and every time period. Archetypes are responsible for the persistent themes we see surfacing in our own lives.

Discovering your personal archetype can be an important first step on your  journey to  self-discovery and personal growth,  It can help you  use your inborn talents and abilities to help you grow in your work, health, spirit, as well as in your important relationships.

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The Mythology & Archetypes Reading Room is designed to help you locate additional resources on the Greek gods (not only Greek mythology, but myths and folklore from other cultures as well), men's psychology, archetypes, personality types, and personality tests. Online resources and print materials are also featured here.

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Hermes Zeus


Welcome! Men, Myths, Minds is a website devoted to the fascinating fields of greek mythology and archetypal psychology and explores their common boundaries, presenting the myths of the major Greek gods and goddesses and illuminating how they play a role in shaping the personalities of modern men. nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp;Here you will find information and resources about the Greek gods as archetypes, personality tests online, (including career tests, personality quizzes and even fun and free personality tests online). There is more information about the popular Goddess Quiz (and the Greek Gods Quiz for men) that present the results of your personality assessment by identifying your personality type in association with the god or goddess that you most resemble. nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp;, we also provide you with recommendations and links to other websites to help you search for additional information about the various Greek gods and goddesses. nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp;Tags at this site include: the Greek gods in their myths from Greek mythology, the Greek gods and goddesses, nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp;Also featured are the myths and symbols of the following Greek gods Apollo, Ares, Dionysus, Hermes; Hades, and the ancient deities Hephaestus, Poseidon, Zeus as well.